~ Our 2726 Volunteers ~

Aerie and Auxiliary #2726 comprises many committees, seen and unseen, that work together to form the work structure and social heartbeat of our Aerie Home. Some of the many committees are:

New Year’s, Visitations, Ways and Means, Monthly Dances, Sick and Visiting, Sports, Family Picnic, Kids’ Christmas Party, Building and Maintenance, Aerie Friday Family Dinner, LA Family Dinner/Meat Draw/Bingo, Catering and Banquet Bar, Bingo at Eagles Club, Berry Festival, Karaoke.

We wish to thank the following volunteers who have worked tirelessly on our committees:

Barbara Bell

Bonnie and Jim Goertzen

Bonnilee and Barry Loewen

Brenda Thompson

Carol Edgington

Dave Ewing

Dave Schols

Des and Andy Davies

Don Harvey

Don Nedimovich

Elaine Whittaker

Elaine and Rick Smith

Gail and Casey Smit

George Kerr

Irene Wise

Jeanette Carter and Dave Low

Jim McNab

Jim Waardenburg and Kathy Morris

Joyce Nicholls

Judy McMillan

June Bruce

Karen Dakin

Kathy Tuchscherer and Bob Minter

Kelly and Brian Barron

Kevin Shaughnessy

Kristen Brodeur

Linda McVeigh

Linda Smith

Lisa Nelson and Mel Eisner

Margaret Thompson

Marie Block

Marilyn Lees

Maxine Eveson

Nita Sowell and John Dingwall

Paul Funk

Pete Riddoch

Renee Paquette

Richard Douglas

Shelly and Bob Lewis

Simone Douglas

Stephanie Ponak

Sue Hubert

Susan Penner

Sylvia Brice and Carl Martin

Tanya Oakes and Randy Jamieson

Tara Murphy

Terry Jackson

Trevor and Trudy Folster

Ursula Dueck

Velma O’Conner

 Thank you all so very much indeed!